Welcome To My Site

The thing about life is that it has  no clear direction. We encounter multiple roads in our daily lives.

No day is the same, every day is different. Each day brings its own challenges and problems which we must face to keep moving forward.

There have been moments in my life where I was not motivated and need a push to continue forward. When I was in college, for example, I often found myself wanting to give up. I didn’t believe in myself the same way others believed in me.  

I believe that it is only with the help and advice from others, that we can keep moving down the path that we are on. I believe that we all have the potential to achieve our dreams. However, it is impossible to reach the goals that we want by ourselves. We must acknowledge those  God has placed in our lives because often it is those people who believe in us when we sometimes don’t.  

The purpose of this site is not to tell my readers of a correct path to choose, rather the purpose of this site is to help make each day a little better.

No, I do not have the answers to life’s problem. However, what I am hoping is that my site will give a little push to those who need it, to continue moving forward no matter of the challenges that lay ahead.

​May we all keep Dory’s quote in mind and “just keep swimming.”

Hi my name is Rusena. Read on to find out a little bit more about me.

Let me introduce myself again my name is Rusena. I recently graduated with my bachelors in English. I like to write stories and poetry.  I am grateful for the college experience that I had, and I look forward to what God has for me as I now move into a new season in my life.


Every day I am trying to create a better me. I hope that I can grow to be the person that I Imagine. 

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 I would just like to say that if you ever get the opportunity to travel to do so. I think we as human beings are meant to go out into the world and explore the creation that is before us. The images presented below are only a few places  I hope to visit. In the future, I want to travel and explore as much as I can. We only live once, and the world has so much to offer. The world is full of different places and people. I think it’s only right that we travel beyond our borders while we are still here.  ​